I saw an island from the sky.
It was a hilly island and narrow zigzag roads drew hooked lines over the hills.
These zig-zag lines were connected at different points and together they created puzzle pieces.
The surface of the island was composed of greens and browns, spotted with a few red rooftops and a few blue rectangular shapes that were swimming-pools.
The borders of the island looked like they were scratched onto the surface. Or as if someone painted them wildly with a thick brush.
The sea around the island was a mix of vivid aqua marine, a deep sapphire blue and a blue-black. There were a few small highlights of white created by waves and flocks of white seabirds hunting for fish.
I could see that the island continued under the water. The visible top of the island was only half of its total mass.
I imagined what the same shapes looked like under water, but instead of roads there are tunnels for small sea animals and instead of greens and browns there are blacks and whites.