My cat and the carpet


I have a black cat.

She is very shy and extremely scared. Something must have happened to her when she was a small kitten. A part of her ear and her tongue are missing.

I like to watch her as she moves through the house. She looks for specific places and then settles down in a meditative pose. She looks like an egyptian sculpture, a perfect one dimensional silhouette.

There is a carpet under the dining table and since the carpet has been installed she likes to sit under the table. She uses the carpet as a piece of space in the room belonging to her. The legs of the chairs form small rooms for her to observe the legs of the people walking inside the room. She fights the little threads popping up through the carpet or investigates the shadows of her own whiskers.

The way my cat uses the carpet tells me a lot about what a carpet could serve for; a carpet is a piece of cut out (private) space to define a specific moment in time or that defines a special event that takes place on that precise and special piece of space. It is an object for travelers. Carpets can be made into beds, tents, protection against the weather. It can replace a holy place if there is nowhere else to pray. A story could be woven into the carpet or stories could be told on the carpet. People can gather on a carpet to eat, to listen, to lie down and rest. People walk on red carpets for something important. And some fly on carpets in fairytales.

P1010492 Scan 1 (1) carpet Scan