Tokyo spaceship


On a misty day in an empty restaurant I look out through a window over an enormous cityscape. I am in one of the higher buildings in the city. The urban landscape before me looks like a carpet with different structures and textures. I cannot see any details.

I see the movements of people on the street below, but I cannot see their faces.

The windows cannot open and no sound from the outside world can enter.  It feels like being in a spaceship.

I long to go down to street level and walk between the structures, be part of the movement that I can see from above.


SaskiadeBrauw_Tokyo2I see an abandoned strip cartoon lying on the edge of the playground. The bark of the twisting tree branches looks like snakeskin. Among the grey leaves I find a wing of a butterfly.


A woman in a shiny purple kimono strides elegantly by as I cross the street to go back up to the spaceship.