2008, Amsterdam

While observing pedestrians crossing a public square in Amsterdam, I realized their steps created specific lines.

After making this observation, I decided to take action and attempt to mark these lines. I placed a large, flat piece of glass, from a distance, on top of the public square and started following people with a pen. I used the sheet of glass as tracing paper, marking the lines created by pedestrians walking through the square. After illustrating multiple peoples paths with my pen, I noticed how their lines intersected with one other, creating collisions and new spaces, shapes in-between the lines.
I discovered that these negative shapes, between the walking lines of random pedestrians, could be cut out and fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. As a whole they filled the entire square, the puzzle completed. But in isolation, the singular shapes were in constant flux, mirroring a movement in public space of randomness, convergence and eventual disappearance.